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Michigan Republican Party Elects New Leadership

Published: March 24, 2023

February 21 2023

LANSING, MI – On Saturday, February 18th, Republican delegates from across Michigan convened in Lansing to elect new party leadership. The delegation elected the following individuals to lead the party into the 2024 election cycle:

  • Kristina Karamo, Chair
  • Malinda Pego, Co-Chair
  • Ali Hossein, Administrative Vice Chair
  • Hassan Nehme, Coalitions Vice Chair
  • Bernadette Smith, Ethnic Vice Chair
  • Marian Sheridan, Grassroots Vice Chair
  • Rola Makki, Outreach Vice Chair
  • Rylee Linting, Youth Vice Chair

Kristina Karamo, Chair of the Michigan Republican Party stated,

“We as a party are headed to a great start for the 2024 election cycle. The Karamo-Pego team look forward to serving you and ensuring that our party wins in 2024. Our children and grandchildren’s future hangs in the balance.”

The new leadership team has hit the ground running and has begun the important work needed to
reinvigorate the Michigan Republican Party. We will continue to provide updates as we work
together to strengthen and embolden our party in the coming days ahead.

A new day is upon us, and the best is yet to come!