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…The Republican Party must look ahead. The RNC and its leaders look forward to promoting the policies endorsed in this report nationwide and implementing the recommendations specific to the RNC in 2022 and beyond. States like Florida, Georgia, and Iowa are already adopting policies like those recommended in this report, and the Committee hopes others follow their lead. It is clear that much of the work is already underway, and the RNC will do its part to continue the mission to ensure all Americans have confidence that our elections are secure and transparent. (pg24)

Republican National Committee Report of the Temporary Committee on Election Integrity 2021

Report: Republican National Committee<br />
Report of the Temporary Committee on Election Integrity
(video: Election integrity) Contrary to the claims of many on the left, voter fraud is a very real problem. When someone commits voter fraud, the process is no longer fair, everyone’s vote gets diluted, and in some cases, election results are changed.

The Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky explains that in the freest nation in the world, our system of government and our very liberty depend on free and fair elections. Whether they’re selecting a mayor or the president of the United States, every American must be able to trust the process, or the democratic system itself breaks down.