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Call to action: Contact your legislator

Published: March 24, 2023

March 2nd, 2023

Michigan Democrats have introduced a package of gun control legislation. These bills include:

Senate Bills 76-78: Universal background checks
Senate Bills 79-80: Mandatory storage laws
Senate Bills 83-86: Red flag gun confiscation
House Bills 4127-4128: Gun ban near polling places

These bills have harmless sounding names, but in reality they represent universal gun registration, gun confiscation without due process and a significant decrease in your ability to respond to a home invasion.

Most disturbing is that none of these bills would have prevented the MSU shooting, yet we will hear that they must be passed in order to prevent another tragedy. It’s a shameless endeavor to use tragedy to pass unrelated bills.

Contact your legislator TODAY and tell them to oppose this legislation.

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