Charlevoix County Republican Party Platform

Press Release  Dated May 11, 2024

Whereas, The Republican Party is the party of We The People, Limited Government, Free Enterprise and Individual Freedoms of choice, as articulated by our Founding Fathers; therefore Candidates who file as a Republican shall represent and promote the following:

1. Constitutional Rights:

A. Freedom of Speech, not limited by political correctness, DEI or a political party.

B. Religious Liberty under our Judeo-Christian foundation.

C. Right to Bear Arms shall not be infringed. Only Constitutional laws shall be enforced.

D. Privacy – Government cannot impose lock downs of any sort, cannot mandate health choices, cannot mandate vehicle choices or emissions; cannot undertake any unlawful and/or unethical surveillance or monitoring of citizens, cannot restrict travel or limit the purchase of groceries, or necessary items for any reason.

2. Election Integrity: Proper Identification to vote, must be a legal citizen, paper ballots only, no tabulator or other machines, voter rolls updated annually.

3. Law and Order: strong enforcement of the criminal law, with an eye towards all of the following: separation of dangerous individuals from society, deterrence of law breaking, punishment of wrongdoing, and rehabilitation, and a manner that respects public safety. Enforcement shall be without bias based on race, family connection, politics, or other such considerations.

4. Fiscal Responsibility: balance the budget, abolish the IRS, no income tax, implement a flat tax; reduce government employment at State level and the County level.

5. Traditional Family Values: Sanctity of Life. Parent(s) decide what is best for child, uphold traditional marriage, gender at conception: male and female only; no gender or sexual indoctrination; dignity/respect for seniors; no biological males in female sports, in female prisons, in female bathrooms and vice versa.

6. Preserving Our Rural Communities from Over-Development, Urbanization and high-density ordinances. Preserving historical landmarks and buildings in Charlevoix County.

7. Free Enterprise and Free Markets: No mandates or regulations of any kind, including electric vehicles, vehicle emissions, appliances, travel; support Energy Independence and the straits tunnel project.

8. Strong Military: free from: transgender ideology/treatment, DEI/woke policies and mandatory vaccinations; use of local militias (able-bodied citizens willing to follow orders) trained by the County Sheriff.

9. Conservation and Preservation of our Natural Resources: with a balance of all species; balanced wolf population with the regional deer and elk population. State cannot sell any forest/park land. Water quality cannot be compromised.

10. Freedom of health choice: no mandates for health care; no lockdowns; no government or administrative interference with medical opinions, medical or legal advice by licensed professionals. Repeal all laws which grant Big Pharma immunity for any created, manufactured, or distributed product.

11. Educational freedom, including school choice with per pupil tax vouchers, freedom for home schooling families, traditional curriculums, and parental rights on public school policies.

12. “America First” Policies: Neither foreign influence nor interference of any kind; no foreign adversaries buying land and corporations; no financial benefits to any illegal alien; employment penalties/criminal sanctions for hiring illegal aliens; support deportation.

Dated: May 11, 2024