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Rep. Friske slams forced “Clean Energy” mandates by Lansing Democrats

Published: April 16, 2023

RELEASE|April 13, 2023

Contact: Neil Friske

Rep. Friske slams forced “Clean Energy” mandates by Lansing Democrats

Rep. Friske is voicing concern and disapproval of the “Clean Energy” plan announced this week by Senate Democrats. The plan includes the total elimination of coal power by 2030 and the total elimination of greenhouse gas emissions from power generators by 2035. Senate Democrats have stated they believe their forced agendas will create a “100% clean energy standard by 2035.”

“The problem with this is that it’s dangerous for our workers, our economy, and it’s just not practical,” said Rep. Friske, of Charlevoix. “Are we supposed to believe that in the next seven years, Michigan is going to rid itself clean of coal without massive layoffs, economic recession, and power outages everywhere?”

Rep. Friske pointed outside of Michigan for his concerns: “You look at other places that have implemented this senseless Green New Deal policy – people are freezing, and the energy grid has gone to toast.”

The Democrat-sponsored plan also includes intent to create a Michigan Construction Decarbonization Strategic Plan to “repair and decarbonize homes and businesses.”

“So not only are they planning on shutting down Michigan plants, but now they want the state to intrude on your home or business,” Friske said. “It is unthinkable that the government is going to be imposing new restrictions on how you can heat or power your home or business, and even penalize you for doing it the way you’ve always done it. This is not only overly broad and intrusive government overreach, but it’s dangerous to my constituents as well.”

Rep. Friske assures his constituents that he will continue to fight for individual liberty, less government intrusion, and free market solutions as opposed to massive government spending and draconian mandates.