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Published: April 4, 2024

Washington, March 26, 2024

Yesterday, Rep. Bergman joined with 20 other Members of the House of Representatives in sending a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas demanding answers on the border crisis – specifically the unprecedented surge at the Northern Border. The Members highlighted that the Biden Administration’s inaction and outright refusal to take the steps necessary to protect the American People would not be tolerated.

Last month, 19 illegal immigrants were processed by the Sault Ste. Marie Border Patrol after being pulled over in Grand Traverse County. As Rep. Bergman has said before, every town is a border town, so action must be taken to ensure both our Northern and Southern borders are secured in the midst of this national security crisis. That is why the members requested that Secretary Mayorkas answer the following questions by April 25, 2024:

  1. How does DHS plan to address the strains experienced by the local communities and Border Patrol agents along the Northern Border due to the surge in illegal immigration and drug smuggling?
  2. What specific policies is DHS implementing to secure the Northern Border and prevent further increases in illegal activities?
  3. Given the alarming spike in drug smuggling, particularly of deadly narcotics like fentanyl being trafficked in by transnational criminal organizations, what strategies are being employed to enhance detection and interception of these drugs?
  4. The Border Patrol is facing morale challenges due to the scale of the border crisis. What resources are being allocated to support these agents conducting life-saving research and rescue missions, especially in extreme weather conditions?
  5. Are there any plans to collaborate with the Canadian government to address the cross-border issues contributing to the surge in illegal immigration and drug smuggling?
  6. How does DHS intend to prevent the Northern Border from becoming another avenue for deadly illegal drugs into the country?
  7. What steps are being taken to ensure the effective enforcement of Border security laws and regulations along the Northern Border?

You can read the full letter here.