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Rep. Friske Strongly Opposes Abortion Mandates in SB 147

Published: May 4, 2023

Rep. Friske is voicing his loud and firm disapproval after Senate Bill 147 passed along a party-line vote on Wednesday afternoon. SB 147, expands Elliot-Larsen protections to elective abortions, mandating that employers and healthcare companies would have to pay for benefited employees to get abortions the same as a medical appointment.

“This goes beyond the pro-life/pro-choice debate,” said Rep. Friske. “This clearly violates the rights of employers and healthcare providers to not pay for elective abortions. Abortion is a terrible, infanticidal practice that I am 100% opposed to as a Christian. How could you force me or anyone in this state or nation to pay for something that they fundamentally know is wrong?”

Rep. Friske previously spoke out in hard opposition to the legalization of late-term abortion in Michigan, as well as lifting the ban on abortion pills across the state.

“This non-stop train of pro-death policies in Lansing is a total disaster for life,” stated Rep. Friske. “We’ve been told by our pro-abortion colleagues for years that they wanted abortion to be ‘safe, legal, and rare’. Now that Lansing Democrats have assumed power, we see that their real agenda was never ‘pro-choice’ it is and always has been anti-life. I pray that this madness ends.”